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I feel like when Liam and Zayn have sex Liam is like “Good boy, such a beautiful boy. So good. So pretty. I love you. Such a beautiful boy, such a pretty boy. So amazing, so good” and Zayn is just like “I’m just taking off my shirt”

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Best of Harry on Vine

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Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction - July 23, 2010 to 2014

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when ur song come on and ur six drinks deep


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prince gone wild


prince gone wild

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These were the best 4 years of my life. Happy 4 years to ONE DIRECTION. Here’s a painting i made of Harry. It took me so much time to do but i would like share it with everyone on this special day. PLEASE REBLOG i worked super hard and IF YOU LOVE ONE DIRECTION. SHARE IT. Four years ago the best thing ever happened and we are proud to be Directioners.